Sneem Village map

Sneem Village Tour

Explore Sneem Sculpture Trail, River Walks and Garden of the Senses

Sneem is a compact village that is very easy to get around.  If you are looking for something to do with kids or have some time to spare, take a leisurely walk around,  stopping off for ice cream, or coffee and a snack in one of our friendly cafés.  Take time out to sit and watch the world go by or just admire the beautiful scenery.

Start in the South Square Fair Green at the President Ó Dálaigh Memorial, then stroll down to St. Michael’s Church, walk around to the left of the front steps to see the Risen Christ.

Go back out the gate or down the steps on the other side of the front door and discover  The Way the Fairies Went, also known as the Pyramids.  The path to the Pyramids is wide enough for a fairy or a small child as are the entrances into the Pyramids.

Past the Pyramids, stroll on down the River Walk to the barbeque area and down to Sneem Pier at the end of Quay Road.

On your way back, turn into the Garden of the Senses, admire the Community Allotments, kids can play in the Willow Tunnel and Maze.

Continue up Quay Road back to the village and at the top of the road on your left hand side, you will see the Peaceful Panda from China. Cross over the road and in the corner of the South Square, you will find the statue of Steve “Crusher” Casey.

Rainbow in North Square Sneem

An Ordinary Day! ©Penny Fox

Continue around or through the green,then cross over Sneem Bridge to the North Square.  Pass by the Church of the Transfiguration and look up at the salmon weathervane.  At the nearest corner of the North Square, you will find the Millennium Seat.  Located in the North Square Fair Green is the Steel Tree.  In the left hand corner, you will find the Charles de Gaulle Memorial.  Cross over the road here and stroll through Seaview estate to the Children’s Playground.  Just past the playground, turn left and take the river walk back into the village.  You will pass the Community Tennis Courts.  Follow the lane around by the river coming up beside the bridge.

Time for coffee?

Check out The Riverside Café, The Village Kitchen, Kelly’s Bakery or Gossip in the North Square.

Ice Cream 

Treat yourself to an ice cream at any of the local shops (Riney’s is famous for its 99s).

Or stop for a pint in D. O’Shea’s, Riney’s, Sneem House, Dan Murphy’s or The Blue Bull.

image of dog on Sneem bridge at sunset by Penny Fox

Going home ©Penny Fox