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Blueberry Hill Farm

A visit to Sigi and Yvonne Muller’s Blueberry Hill Farm just outside the village on the Killarney road is top of the list of things to do with kids in Sneem.

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Children can milk a cow, sit on its back; feed the pigs, lambs, ducks, hens, geese; gather eggs; churn butter; make scones and candles; and cuddle up with the latest arrivals on the farm.  This working farm is a model of self-sufficiency and a joy to visit.  Kids will want to return again and again.

tractor at Blueberry Hill Farm

Geese at Blueberry Hill Farm

Sigi and Yvonne left comfortable jobs and a mortgage in Germany in 1993 in search for a better life for themselves and their two small children.  They eventually arrived in Sneem where they found the dream that they had envisaged.

“From high on a mountainside we could see the whole Sneem valley with the high peaks beyond it, the Sneem estuary, the Kenmare Bay and the Beara Peninsula. Below us and in the far distance, small islands added to the incredible charm of the place.

We were seriously asking ourselves, with tears on our eyes, if we had somehow died and slipped into Paradise without realizing it. It seemed like God’s reward for taking the risky step of leaving our old life behind to look for a better one. That was the moment we decided to stay in Sneem for good.”